Neorhythm Omnipemf
The only portable device with multi-coil structure for the most efficient brainwave phase coupling through intelligent gesture control

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Included in the Package:

  • NeoRhythmus Headband
  • Charging dock
  • Mikro-USB-Kabel
  • Adjustment kit
  • User Manual
  • Test tube
  • Hard reset tool
  • NeoRhythm bag

Neorhythms performance metrics have been developed and tested using rigorous scientific methods.

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Pain Control

Pain is a consequence of actual or potential tissue damage in the body, but it is felt in the brain. NeoRhythm emits scientifically supported frequencies, which were shown effective for pain tolerance. The brain synchronizes with these frequencies, which may help you living well with chronic or acute pain.

Deep Relaxation

Alpha brainwaves are dominant in the brain when we are calm and relaxed, yet still alert. NeoRhythm emits corresponding dominant frequency of alpha waves, and the brain synchronizes to reach a state of calmness. Accompanying weaker frequency of delta brainwaves adds profound relaxation to the mix, offering you a chance to de-stress efficiently.


NeoRhythm stimulates the brain with dominant theta waves, which are ideal for deep meditation, or dominant alpha waves, which are characteristic for a state of quiet focus, and thus ideal for calming meditation. Choose among 2 meditation programs to reach your meditation goals: Theta Meditation and Meditation for Calmness & Synchronization.

Energy & Vitality

NeoRhythm energizes and re-vitalizes body and mind through 2 different mechanisms: brainwave entrainment to coax the brain into a state of higher perception and direct re-energization of cells through the generated electromagnetic fields. And the brain ? as the center of everything we feel ? sends the feeling of invigoration through the body. Ideal for rough days, sports activities and alleviating feelings of tiredness in general.

  • 5 inverted coils that generate magnetic field and resonance among them enable NeoRhythm to efficiently stimulate brain areas that are relevant for the desired effect with scientifically-proven frequencies.
  • It has been designed sturdy, compact and easy to carry with only 115 grams. You can even use it on a plane, without needing a note from your doctor to be able to take it on board.
  • It Takes Less Than 5 Seconds to Start Using NeoRhythm Anywhere, Anytime.

Target Groups: Advanced Users Beginner
Applications: Attention Training Gift Neuropriming
Product Type: Headset Wearable
Shipping weight:0,90 Kg
Product weight: 0,90 Kg



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