Neuro Programmer 3
***SOLD OUT*** Software that helps you to leave problems and personal handicaps behind you. Create new energy by stimulating your brain

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The Psychologica

The subconscious mind has tremendous influence over how we react to the world. Desires, fears, habits, personality traits - they all come from associations contained in your subconscious mind. Instead of working against you in a constant battle with your willpower, what if your subconscious associations worked to make you the person you want to be? A person that matches the way you see yourself, without the bad habits, emotional reactions and fears that block your progress.
Many of the most effective and time-tested psychological techniques have been compiled into NP3 in order to help change the behaviors, emotional reactions and limiting beliefs that negatively impact our daily lives. Using NP3, you can turn these mental patterns around and use them to your advantage, by using brainwave stimulation to increase your receptivity to suggestion and hypnosis, or enhancing visualization and mental imagery techniques.
After using NP3 for a short period, you may notice a major difference in your psychological makeup. Fears and emotional reactions you have had all your life may disappear. You are ready for a change - let NP3 help make the change real.

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Manage your day to day life

  • Motivation / Energy: NP3 includes incredibly effective tools to energize you and help motivate you in your daily life.
  • Headache relief: Many types of headaches, from migraines to muscle contraction headaches, can be reduced or relieved using brainwave stimulation.
  • "Wake Up" session: Used by thousands of people as a caffeine replacement, NP3 includes a very effective tool to speed up your brainwaves in the morning or whenever you feel you need a recharge.
  • Sleep Induction (Headphone-Free!): NP3 includes the most effective brainwave-based sleep induction tools yet developed. The sessions can be used completely free of headphones, giving you all the freedom of movement you need. Let NP3 guide your mind gently down to a deep, healthy sleep.
  • Aches & Pains Relief: Recent studies have indicated the usefulness of brainwave stimulation in relieving persistent aches and pains. A number of sessions are included in NP3 for these purposes, and have so far yielded very promising results.
  • Stress Reduction: Nearly all users of NP3 report large reductions in stress. NP3 comes with specific sessions designed for stress and anxiety, based on protocols drawn directly from successful clinical studies.

Promote health and relaxation

  • Reduce Blood Pressure (Hypertension): A reduction in stress will naturally have a positive effect on your blood pressure by causing your blood vessels to dilate, but there are even more direct ways NP3 can reduce hypertension. In one study brainwave stimulation beat out traditional medical treatments over an 8 week period.
  • Deep Meditation: Meditation has been proven to be immensely healthy and is widely accepted by the medical and psychological communities as one of the best ways to increase your health, mental outlook and general well being. Using NP3 can be likened to a form of "high tech" meditation, where audio and visual patterns are used to guide your mind to the relaxed, focused state experienced during meditation.

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  • Background Sounds, Music & White Noise generation
  • Session Editor, with Undo, Copy/Paste, Unlimited Voices and more
  • BioOptimization: using biofeedback device input to create more effective sessions (learn more)
  • Extensive documentation
  • Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep and other sessions
  • Attention, Learning, Memory and performance sessions