NeuroSky Focus Pocus Bundle EEG Headset
***SOLD OUT*** Please contact us! Train your cognitive skills and become the new master magician. Designed for kids. (Including 3 additional games and the MindWave Mobile EEG Headset)

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The game offers a child-oriented learning environment with an interesting mix of exercises for attention, focus and relaxation. With Focus Pocus, kids learn how to relax, keep focus constantly and how to control it consciously - alone or together with friends. Only a perfect interaction of all these parameters leads to the desired success in learning.

There are dozens of additional trainings apps available in our app store. The MindWave Mobile Plus Focus Pocus edition includes Focus Pocus and 3 additional games and apps for mental training.

Try it! You will be surprised how little time and financial investment is required to achieve first improvements of your mental abilities.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the improved Bluetooth connectivity not all apps that were available for the former MindWave Mobile version are compatible with the MWM+ version only on iOS. You can find a regularly updated list for iOS under the section Download. There are no changes regarding the Android Apps. All Android Apps work with the former and new MWM+ version. Try it! You will be surprised how little time and financial investment is required to achieve the first improvements of your mental abilities.

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NeuroSky's MindWave Mobile Plus comes in two different packages, the MindWave Mobile Plus Brainwave Starter Kit and the Focus Pocus Edition. Both editions differ in respect to the additional software included. The Brainwave Starter Kit is especially designed for users new to the world of neurofeedback and features three apps. The Focus Pocus edition features additional training software that allows kids to train their relaxation in an easy and fun way. It includes six additional apps. You can also download various other mental fitness apps or games through our MindTec AppStore.

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  • Bluetooth 4.0 supports both Bluetooth (Classic and BLE)
  • For iOS, it will only have access to BLE

Software included

  • Brainwave Visualizer
  • MindWave Tutorial
  • SpeedMath
  • Focus Pocus

Important Notice: The MindWave Mobile Plus does not contain a separate Bluetooth dongle!

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Advantages of Focus Pocus

  • Ideal for children with AD(H)D - who are hyperatice and suffer from concentration and attention deficits.
  • Improvement of the ability to focus, pay attention or relax.
  • Improvement of impulse and state control - the ability to pause, think and act accordingly
  • Improvement of the working memory - ability to memorize information longer
  • Real-time multimedia learning
  • Very easy to use
  • Compatible to all mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Increase of Performance - by individually adjusting the difficulty levels
  • Low expenditure of time
  • First learning successes after only X units of training
  • Flexibility - whether in practice with a therapist or at home, Focus Pocus can be used everywhere
  • Regular performance control via FocusIn

Important Information:

You can`t find the license Key? - There is a pocket in the outer sleeve and there is a piece of paper of Focus Pocus with a scratch box that contains the license key code.

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