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NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2 Effective Learner Set
Learn faster and more effectively in the shortest possible time with this EEG-Headset. Ideal for students.

€ 139,00

including 16% VAT , free shipping

Old price: € 169,00

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{tab Effective Learner}

Boost Your Learning Effectiveness with the New Effective Learner + Study Trainer App from NeuroSky, Inc.


  • Feedback on your learning effectiveness in 6 colors from most to least effective: blue, green, yellow-green, yellow, orange and red
  • The effectiveness display updates every 10 seconds
  • Session report includes a time plot of your effectiveness for the duration of study and a pie chart of different color percentages
  • Session reports can be saved with a note into a searchable journal for future reference and analysis

You can download the free Effective Learner app here:

Effective Learner App Store Effective Learner Play Store

Now it is time for qualitative and structured learning. "Add to basket" and an overheated brain has an end once and for all.

{tab MindWave Mobile 2}

New Features

A new flexible rubber sensor arms and rounded forehead sensor tip, T-shaped headband, and wider ear clip contacts make MindWave Mobile 2 our most comfortable EEG headset yet. The MindWave Mobile 2 is the world's first EEG headset that can be used with Mac and PCs as well as all Apple iOS and Android platforms (smartphones, tablets etc.). It is therefore a truly mobile EEG headset. It features sensors on the forehead and at the earlobe to measure EEG data (electrical activity of the brain). All required software can be installed directly to a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

{tab Function}

The MindWave Mobile 2: Brainwave Starter Kit transmits EEG data via a Bluetooth interface to the user's device. It safely measures brainwave signals and monitors attention and relaxation levels while interacting with different apps and games. The Brainwave Starter Kit is especially designed for users who are new to the world of neurofeedback and features introductory apps. You can download dozens further mental fitness apps or games through our AppStore. These include apps for stress reduction, meditation, mindfulness, peak performance training and more!

{tab Features}


  • Weight: 90g
  • Sensor arm up: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 92mm
  • Sensor Arm down: height: 225mm x width: 155mm x depth: 165mm


  • BT/BLE dual mode module
  • BT(SPP) for PC, Mac and Android, BLE(GATT) for iOS
  • Bluetooth Range: 10m

NOTE: The MindWave Mobile 2 Brainwave Starter Kit does not include a Bluetooth dongle! If your device does not have native Bluetooth support, you will require an additional dongle.

{tab Support}

For any further information or support click here:

Support Neurosky



MWM2_Quick Start Guide_EN

MWM2 Quick Start Guide_DE

MWM2 User Guide_EN


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