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Analyzes website usage to deliver custom content. Performs analytics to optimize website functionality..

Analyzes website usage to deliver custom content. Performs analytics to optimize website functionality.

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Concentration and Attention

Neurofeedback is a modern and safe technique that allows almost anybody to specifically control brain activity. With neurofeedback you can train your attention and relaxation skills and reduce existing deficits.

In this section you will find neurofeedback headsets for everyone - whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional user. Choose your preferred headset from manufacturers such as NeuroSky, Macrotellect, Myndplay and InteraXon.

Neurofeedback has been researched and successfully used in the US and Europe for decades, and its effectiveness has been proven in numerous studies by universities including in Europe.

Neurofeedback Infographik Brainwaves Measurement

Basically, the electrical activity of the brain is divided into different wavebands representing a certain functionality and frequency. Depending on the situation in which you are, the wave ranges are differently pronounced. This results in individual characteristics of the brain activity: Sitting relaxed on the couch, the composition of the wavebands differs from the composition that can be observed in your EEG (electroencephalogram) during a stressful examination task. Neurofeedback divides the electrical activity of your brain into its individual frequency bands and displays the proportion of each frequency band in the total spectrum.

The goal of neurofeedback is to increase cognitive performance and reduce EEG levels that are more likely to be associated with diminished attention. In the process, the brain learns over time that a desired change in brain wave patterns results in a reward.

The special thing about neurofeedback is that you can use your own individual strategy to influence your EEG frequencies. Neurofeedback and related training is a non-drug therapy for maintaining and improving cognitive functions. Neurofeedback teaches you how to influence your "brain performance" through active participation, as well as continuous feedback. In addition, you can achieve a strong inner control. The self-confidence in your own performance and abilities increases and can therefore positively moderate the genuine effect of Neurofeedback training. Read more about Neurofeedback.
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