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Neurotone Sleep Alert
Wakefulness monitoring system

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{tab Product Description}

It is a cutting-edge system, developed in compliance with the latest neurotechnological achievements. It doesn?t require connection to a smartphone or other devices to operate. All one needs to do is to put on a cap and a wristband. The frontal part of the cap contains an inbuilt electrode, which receives data on your state of health, based on two methods:

Electroencephalography (EEG)

analyzes brain activity: absent-mindedness, fatigue and lapse of concentration are recognized

Electromyography (EMG)

analyzes muscle activity and reflex action: frequency and regularity of blinking are recognized. On the basis of the data received, the system analyzes a user?s fatigue degree.
When it reaches the critical point and a person is at the edge of falling asleep, the service module of the cap emits an audio alarm and the wristband starts to vibrate.

{tab Function}

Easy to use

You don?t have to customize the device yourself, all you need to do is to put on the cap and the wristband and start them by pressing 2 buttons. Then, the system will synchronize on its own and start receiving brain and EMG activity signals.

Long-term work

The cap and the wristband operate on integral accumulators, which help to save on batteries. It takes only 1 hour for the accumulators to charge, after that they operate for 6-7 hours non-stop.

{tab Features}

  • Cap with a visor in which the neurosensor is located, the visor protects the eyes from the sun
  • Clip is fixed on earlobe for transmission of your neurosignals
  • Neurosensor recieves and processes signals of brain waves and synchronizes them with wrist bracelet
  • Vibrobracelet after synchronization with neurosensor it fights with the monotony using vibration

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Product Type: Set Wearable
Target Groups: Beginner Professional
Use: Attention Training Sleep
Color: Grey