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New Lumo Lift App 09.05.2017 11:53

The new Lumo Lift App is now available with Exercises and Healthkit Integration

Lumo Lift is our wearable sensor that tracks posture, steps, distance, and calories burned. This small posture device provides gentle vibrational reminders for your posture whenever you slouch, coaching you to sit taller and stand stronger.

The following features are now available:
The App got an Logout Button. In addition, a "pain diary" is available. It asks customers if they have pain and asks them to rate it on a 0-10 scale. There are more questions to help the App to understand the customer. It asks what the user hopes to get from Lumo Lift, for example help by neck pain, help by back pain and so on. You can now easily update your history page with a sync button. Also the steps goal is now selected via a picker and customers see their posture status in real time in the new Lumo Lift App.

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