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Now new in the MindTecStore: The BodyCap eTact® sleep monitoring tool for clinics, sleep laboratories or paediatrics

BodyCap eTact® is a solution for reliable and accurate sleep monitoring - especially suitable for clinics, pediatrics or sleep laboratories. The eTact® enables the fine analysis of physical activities to analyze the body's sleep/wake rhythms and thus improve your sleep quality.

A brief overview of the main benefits of the eTact®:

  • It is a reliable solution for accurate actimetric sleep monitoring
  • Sleep-wake rhythms and sleep quality can be sustainably optimized and improved
  • Causes of sleep disorders can be better identified
  • Preventive work regarding sleep disorders is better possible
  • Exercise programs of patients with chronic diseases can be better monitored and controlled.

BodyCap eTact® - The wearable sleep monitoring tool for analysis of sleep disorders, adjustment of physical rehabilitation programs and further clinical research.

2021-11-10 10:48:00

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