Plux BITalino Plugged Kit
Thanks to the special plugs, you can swap and change the sensors on the Plugged Kit to your needs and attach your own developments

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This kit includes:
  • 1x BITalino hardware (MCU, Bluetooth, Power, ECG, EMG, EDA, Accelerometer, Light, LED) with already snapped sensors
  • 1x 3-lead accessory (for EMG / ECG)
  • 1x 2-lead accessory (for EDA)
  • 5x Pre-gelled electrodes
  • 1x Li-Po Battery 320mAh
  • 1x RJ22 to Molex Sherlock sensor connection cable (1m length)
The BITalino Plugged Kit is shipped with the sensors (ECG, EMG, EDA, Accelerometer, Light, LED) snapped off for you, and we add RJ22 plugs to your BITalino Board so you can use the sensors interchangeably or connect your own designs.

{tab Function}


The power management block provides energy to all the other BITalino blocks. This module also has a built-in charger that controls the battery charging. Charging is made when the device is turned off by connecting a power supply to the Micro-USB port. This block also provides access to control signals, the pinout can be seen on Figure 2.

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  • Surface electromyography (sEMG) is a technique which is used in many clinical and biomedical applications, in areas like HCI, neurology, rehabilitation, orthopedics, ergonomics, sports, etc. It is widely used as biofeedback tool to assess muscle fatigue, disorders of motor control and low-back pain is also possible with the EMG sensor. Sensing isometric muscular activity, where no movement is produced, enables a definition of classes of subtle motionless gestures to control interfaces without being noticed and without disrupting the surrounding environment. These signals can be used to control prosthetic devices such as prosthetic hands, arms, and lower limbs or as a control signal for an electronic device such as a mobile phone or PDA, sEMG recordings may also be a suitable control signal for some interactive video games.

{tab EDA}




  • Some of the applications of this sensor include detection of changes in the attentive, cognitive and emotional states. EDA sensors were also used for relaxation biofeedback, sympathetic nervous system reaction detection, among many others.

{tab LUX}




  • Using a correct light source, this sensor can be used for synchronization of physiological data acquisition with evoked potentials, although it can also be used to measure ambient light, or used in conjunction with a light source to monitor blood volume pulse data.

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  • The most important applications of ECG sensor focus on wellness of the patient and include heart rate and stress monitoring, biometric verification and life monitoring

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  • Nowadays accelerometers are widely spread from areas so distinguished as engineering, biology, building monitoring, biomechanics, etc. Even cell phones and gaming consoles have them. Vibration measurements, particularly in research applications and studies of dynamic and biomechanic analysis of motion.
    Triaxial accelerometer sensors are designed for applications involving continuous or intermittent accelerometry readings in users. Depending on the application it may require an acquisition system with up to 3 available analog ports in order to use the full measurement functionalities. For biaxial and uniaxial applications this same sensor can be used.

{tab LED}




  • The main application of the LED is related to video synchronization. When associated with the signal threshold it also can be a good visual feedback indicator.

{tab Hardware Quick Start Guide}

3. Make sure that your BITalino is already paired with the computer.
To pair the device, follow these steps:

  • Open the Bluetooth device finder and search for devices in range
  • Pair with the BITalino board using the PIN 1234


Target Groups: Professional Developer
Applications: Biofeedback Research
Product Type: Gadget

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