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 Ayaneo - The brand manufacturer of the Windows...


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Ayaneo - The brand manufacturer of the Windows game console Ayaneo.

The brand philosophy: by real gamers for other gamers.

Unlike the development concept of conventional products, AYANEO keeps the original intention “by real gamers for other gamers” at. The Ayaneo team always maintains close communication with gamers, listens to their voices and needs, lets gamers participate in product development, and works with gamers to create the ideal Windows handheld .

Brand history

AYANEO was born in 2020 and comes from a group of game enthusiasts who rely on their love for games and a common aspiration in their hearts. By focusing on developing “Windows handhelds that can play 3A masterpieces anytime, anywhere”, handhelds can also provide excellent gaming experiences. Ayaneo team adheres to a deep understanding of games and is committed to the development and production of high-performance gaming handhelds to create ideal handheld products for gamers. Handhelds can also provide a great gaming experience. This is AYANEO's approach to games.


From design to final product presentation, AYANEO's products will undergo rigorous process control and quality inspection, and precise details of the product will be controlled. Whether it is hardware development or software development, AYANEO is constantly communicating and discussing with users, constantl