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FORBRAIN® is a product of SOUND FOR...
FORBRAIN® is a product of SOUND FOR LIFE Ltd, a Hong Kong based Company specialized in the development of efficient products to support cognitive abilities and skills. Attention, memory, speech, understanding, and processing sensory information are the essentials of a functioning brain. Together these critical skills are called cognitive abilities. SOUND FOR LIFE Ltd. is committed to helping children and adults everywhere who have difficulties with these cognitive abilities. Their mission is to enhance an individual's attention, memory, speech, comprehension, reading and language. They strongly believe that all cognitive abilities can be improved throughout life with regular practice using a variety of different exercises and leading edge technology.After critically examining the cognitive science and neuropsychology research from around the world, they developed an easy to use and efficient state of the art device called FORBRAIN® in collaboration with the company Aftershokz LLC, a world leader in bone conduction technology. They have created a device that is easy to use, very portable and can improve cognitive abilities with regular, brief daily practice using your voice.Their mission is to provide you with a lifelong tool that improves your life by leveraging your voice to boost your brain!