Dr. Thomas Fink and Tullio DeSantis...
Dr. Thomas Fink and Tullio DeSantis created MindReflector Technologies, LLC to develop new brain-computer interface tools to explore and advance human consciousness by bringing low-cost and easy-to-use EEG-biofeedback training to home users. Utilizing leading-edge hardware from NeuroSky, Inc. MindReflector training consists of sending the brain information about itself by means of simply listening to music and watching videos, while the brain trains itself using The MindReflector® Protocols. Recent breakthroughs in EEG technology now provide a way for information about how the mind functions to be readily available to all. MindReflector Technologies, LLC, utilizing EEG headsets from NeuroSky Inc. offers brainwave neurofeedback applications, which support positive personal growth and change.
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