Medicine and Research

Mindtecstore offers you numerous products that are suitable for use in medicine and research or were developed especially for it.

As an independent distributor, we can offer you a variety of products for specific applications. Manufacturers offering professional systems for research and clinical use include Hidalgo (Equivital Mobile Biosensor System), AliveCor (Kardia Mobile and Kardia Band for mobile ECG measurements), biosiognalplux (multisensor bio-signal measuring systems), BodyCap (Mobile Core Temperature Monitoring), Bitalino (DIY sensor sets for laboratory use) and more. EEG sensors can be found in our Neurofeedback category.

Some products are specifically designed to be used outside of a clinical environment and allow you to run uninterrupted measurements in everyday or even extreme situations.

Almost all of these systems are configurable and expandable according to individual application parameters. For this purpose, there are a large number of accessories such as various sensors (EMG, EEG, ECG, temperature, GSR, force, etc.), fasteners and consumables available. Interfaces for analysis tools such as Matlab are available or can be enabled via proprietary software. This software also regularly includes a cloud solution for patient or subject data management and easy-to-use but in-depth analysis functions.

Information on medical approvals, certificates, etc. can be found directly in the respective product description.

We are happy to answer your questions or make you an individual offer: +49 (0) 6403 60993-51.
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