Propeaq Light therapy glasses
[Please note the new AYO device available now!] Recharge your energy, prevent jet lag, and sleep better by optimizing your body's rhythm.

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Why Propeaq?

Light is the origin of life. Since the beginning of time the sun has set nature`s and our rhythm for us. We want to continue improving lives and health with the use of light and technology combined. For years we have helped professional athletes reach their victories and medals. By helping them plan their performance, by traveling without jet lag and improving their sleep. We did this by regulating their body clock with the use of light therapy. In our latest innovation, the patented Propeaq glasses and app, we take this a step further. Wearable, affordable and easy to use. Besides athletes, ideal for shift workers, hard working professionals, frequent flyers and all others who can benefit from extra energy and better sleep. A complete solution for travel and at home. Ideal for you.

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Blocking Blue Light

Nowadays people spend a lot of time behind digital TV`s, digital screens and smartphones in the evening. Not aware that blue light from those devices disrupt your biological clock and melatonin levels. And make it so much harder to fall asleep at night. But you can block blue light simply by wearing Propeaq with the included red lenses. Sleeping at night was never easier.

3. Energy Boost

Are you feeling tired, difficulty concentrating at work? Propeaq delivers a direct energy boost due to the integrated LED lights in the frame. Just like sunlight, the artificial light gives you a bundle of energy.

15 minutes Boost

Feel immediately better when wearing the Propeaq light glasses. Get instant energy on the go. You can use the Propeaq every day for your extra dose of energy.

Light therapy

Is based on decades of scientific research. Day light or artificial light controls your biological clock and manages the sleep hormone melatonin in the body. With light you can influence your alertness, concentration, mood and sleep.

Winter Boost

Use light in the darker months of the year and feel better instantly. Light therapy is highly effective in beating winter blues and other seasonal problems. Why feel gloomy when you can wear Propeaq and feel better.

4. Peak performance

Win a gold medal, meet your deadline or close that important business deal? To achieve, you have to be at your best. Propeaq can take away all the negative effects of jet lag, fatigue and lack of energy. We can even improve your sleep, so you can perform your best. When and where you want.

First choice for athletes

In the Olympic Games in Rio we helped athletes win a total of 18 medals, including six gold medals. By making sure they were well rested, focused, alert and full of energy to give the performance of a lifetime. We developed our technology so it doesn?t disrupt your training, your travels or lifestyle. Do you want to win?

Take control over your performance

Through 25 years of experience in light and chronotherapy, we are able to reduce the impact of jet lag to zero. A key solution when you want to deliver your best performance. Better yet, you can now plan at what time of the day you want to be at your sharpest, so you can deliver your peak performance at a time that suits you. Plan your performance moment in the app and you receive a personalized schedule for maximum result.

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The effect of blue light

Numerous clinical studies have concluded that the strongest wavelength for melatonin suppression is from the blue spectrum. With melatonin suppression you can readjust your biological clock and increase your health and wellbeing. The Propeaq integrated LED`s supply blue light at the optimal frequency. Propeaq uses low intensity light and a reflector so you can use the glasses without being blinded. A common problem in normal lightboxes.

When the trouble starts

Now that the 24-hour economy is putting an ever-increasing mark on social life, the effects of the disruption of natural biological rhythms are becoming clearer. Disruption of the internal clock results in:

  • Jet lag
  • Sleep / Wake Disorders
  • Winter blues / depression
  • Problems with shift work and night shifts
  • Declining performance, alertness and concentration

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