Sensoria Fitness Extra Anklet
Additional Sensoria Fitness foot ring to improve your running technique. (Fitness Smart Socks not included)
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NOTE: Real-Time data collection and Virtual Coach REQUIRES Bluetooth Smart enabled phone. For iPhones, this means iPhone 4S and later models. Please check the specifications of your phone to confirm. The Sensoria® Fitness app will be available for iPhone (iOS 8 and above), Android (OS 4.3) and Windows Phone 8.x.

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Real-Time Feedback

Simply pair your Sensoria Fitness socks to your smartphone running the Sensoria Fitness mobile app. The Sensoria Virtual Coach within the app continuously monitors your running form and provides you real-time feedback through audio and video cues during your run.

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Wearable electronics

Adjustable anklet connects sock to the Sensoria mobile app.

Light & Flexible: Weighing less than 1 ounce, the adjustable anklet has a one-of-a-kind flexible electronic circuit board to fit different ankle sizes.

Bluetooth Smart: When connected to the sock, the anklet communicates continuously with the mobile app through Bluetooth Smart.

Technology: The anklet battery supports active usage over 6 hours. It also contains a 3-axis accelerometer to further enhance data monitoring.


Start running the way you deserve.

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Virtual shoe closet - Compare running performance based on your shoes

Find over 7000 shoe models in the virtual shoe closet. Understand your performance based on different running shoes. Get recommendations on which shoes to use, and when it is probably a good time to get rid of a used pair.


Phone. Meet Sock.

Sensoria Fitness mobile app makes your smart socks that much smarter.


Monitor your improvement over time from your PC

Valuable metrics stored in your online dashboard, allows you to see your progress and performance over time.

The Sensoria App is avaiable for:

The Sensoria App will be coming soon for Android.


Target Groups: Beginner Professional Therapist Athlete
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Health Running Pro Sports
Product Type: Accessory
Product weight: 0,40 Kg

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