Sensoria Heart Rate Monitor
Heartrate sensor, measure and improve your entire fitness and performance capability. (Sensoria sport bra or shirt not included)

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Sensoria Fitness T-Shirt & Heart Rate Monitor

  •     Antimicrobial (odor killer)
  •     Moisture Evaporation
  •     Machine Washable
  •     Comfortable

The Sensoria Fitness T-shirt offers a comfortable, compression-based design.  The shirt features Comftech soft textile electrodes that provides consistent and accurate heart rate data to your favorite HRM and mobile application, allowing you to optimize your fitness activity and improve performance.  Simply snap the Sensoria HRM and track your performance, make progress, and take advantage of your overall fitness experience.  The T-shirt can also connect with other popular HRMs (such as Polar H7 or Garmin Premium) with standard snap connections.

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Virtual shoe closet - Compare running performance based on your shoes

Find over 7000 shoe models in the virtual shoe closet. Understand your performance based on different running shoes. Get recommendations on which shoes to use, and when it is probably a good time to get rid of a used pair.


Phone. Meet Sock.

Sensoria Fitness mobile app makes your smart socks that much smarter.


Monitor your improvement over time from your PC

Valuable metrics stored in your online dashboard, allows you to see your progress and performance over time.

The Sensoria App is avaiable for:

The Sensoria App will be coming soon for Android.


Target Groups: Athletes Therapist Professional Beginner
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Health Heart Rate Pro Sports
Product Type: Accessory
Product weight: 0,53 Kg

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