Sleep Shepherd Blue
***SOLD OUT*** Wake up feeling great and get the most out of your night with the only sleep tracker that actively improves your sleep

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  • Actively Improve Your Sleep - Because the Sleep Shepherd is the only sleep device that actively improves your sleep, you can get the most out of your sleep, every night.
  • Track Your Sleep, For Real - Other sleep trackers just track your motion as you sleep, the Sleep Shepherd tracks sleep at its source by monitoring your brainwaves in real time.
  • Wake Up Refreshed - The Sleep Shepherd's Smart Alarm slowly lifts your brain out of sleep before waking you up. So you wake up feeling great - and on time.
  • Lightweight Fabric That Breathes - Designed with ultra lightweight fabric that is designed to be extremely breathable, non-intrusive and comfortable.
  • Backed By Data - Sleep with confidence knowing that studies show 4 out of 5 people sleep better with the Sleep Shepherd.
  • Goes Wherever You Are - Because the Sleep Shepherd requires zero set-up, it's effortless to travel with. Build better sleep no matter where you are.

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2. Positioning the Sensors

The Sleep Shepherd Blue is able to passively monitor your brainwaves through conductive fabric sensors integrated into the inside of the headband. In order to obtain accurate readings, the sensor pads must be in firm contact with the wearer's skin. The two sensors along the side of the headband should align over the wearer's ears. The front sensor should come in contact with the wearer's forehead above the left eye. Hair must be pulled back away from the forehead and behind the ears to ensure adequate contact.

  • Place left and right sensors such that the conductive fabric makes contact with the skin on your ears.
  • Place the front sensor above your left eye, ensuring the sensor makes contact with the skin on your forehead.

3. Adjusting the Speakers

Thin speakers are incorporated into the headband within the conductive fabric pockets located over the ears. The speakers can be positioned within these pockets so that they align comfortably over the natural indentation of your ears. Volume levels can be adjusted on the electronics casing. Volume balance can be adjusted using the Sleep Shepherd companion app.

4. Using the App

The Sleep Shepherd Blue offers unparalleled sleep tracking insights by collecting brainwave data in combination with head orientation and movement to comprehensively and accurately track your nightly sleep. This data can be used to beneficially analyze and adjust your sleep routines to help optimize your sleep like never before. Download the Sleep Shepherd app by scanning the QR code above. Alternatively, the app can be downloaded by accessing the Google Play store for Android devices or the Apple App store for iOS devices. Upon first opening the app, you will encounter a prompt to complete a detailed tutorial for syncing your Sleep Shepherd Blue. Please follow these in-app instructions prior to navigating the app.

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 Say hello to your personal sleep lab

From head orientation tracking to eeg brainwave monitoring, the Sleep Shepherd allows you to collect an unprecedented volume of sleep data. Having more insight allows you to make better decisions throughout the day.

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