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Soundsory - Client care through multi-sensory stimulation
Improve motor and cognitive skills through music therapy - developed by therapists. The Soundsory headphones by Sound for Life for private and therapist, help children and adults to treat disorders of sensory and auditory processing as well as ADHD. Neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises enable to improve attention and perception sustainably - now available for doctor offices and clinics.

€ 229,00

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Movement, balance and coordination

The Soundsory movement program focuses on building proprioceptive abilities through specific, repetitive movement exercises. The rhythmic music program is also designed to stimulate the vestibular system which helps the brain better integrate information related to body position, balance and movement.

Auditory and sensory processing

The goal of the Soundsory music program is to activate the neuronal connections in different areas of the brain through the auditory channel and ultimately train the ear and the brain to analyze and process sensory information more quickly and accurately.

The rhythmic music program

The music has been specifically recorded to emphasize the rhythm of sounds in order to activate body movement. In addition, it is electronically processed using a patented dynamic filter system to create specific sound contrasts. This effect is designed to help the brain adapt to these changes as well as to develop the ability to predict the change: just like in real life where you are constantly adapting, predicting and adjusting to the changes around you. Finally, the sound is transmitted using both air and bone conduction to deliver a unique and efficient stimulation of both the auditory and vestibular system.

  • Specifically composed to emphasize rhythm
  • Uses a patented dynamic filter to capture attention
  • Uses bone conduction to stimulate the entire auditory system

The body movement exercises

These exercises are designed to support the integration of the brain and body through a developmental progression. They incorporate the integration of primitive reflexes, while supporting and developing body awareness, postural control as well as body coordination. By strengthening these foundational sensory motor skills, we see improvements in more complex cognitive functions that help to support learning. In 30 minutes a day for 40 days, Soundsory provides powerful stimulation of the brain and triggers the self-organizing capacities of the nervous system.

  • From primitive reflexes to repetitive complex movement
  • Focus on body awareness and coordination
  • Easy to adapt to you or your clients profile

By strengthening these foundational sensory motor skills, we see improvements in more complex cognitive functions that help to support learning.

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{tab Technology}

The technology - the dynamic filter

Soundsory transmits the music with sudden changes of tonal contrasts triggered by timbre and intensity. These contrasts are not placed by chance but triggered to facilitate the integration of the rhythm of music. Because the music is very rhythmic with predictable variation of intensity, it is easy for the brain to anticipate those sound contrasts and creates confidence and satisfaction. In addition, these contrasts are designed to promote the transmission of high-pitched sounds. These sounds activate the vast majority of the sensory cells that are sensitive to sound. They therefore have a strong stimulating effect on the ear and brain, retraining the ear to perceive clarity of sound and auditory processing.

{tab Function}


The program length is 40 days. One day session is 30 minutes long. It is composed of 25 minutes of listening and 5 minutes of body-movement exercises (still while listening). We recommend: 1 session per day for 30 min up to 5-7 days a week.

The length is designed to be both safe and efficient. To get the most out of the program it is important to keep in mind that brain training requires time and repetition. It is important that you don’t take a break in a daily session and that you don’t increase the length of a daily session either. If possible, follow the 40 day program to maximize your progress.

Need to restart the program after a break of several days?

  • If you have completed more than 20 days, but you stop for more than 5 consecutive days and less than 20 days, restart at day 10.
  • If you have completed less than 20 days, but you stop for more than 5 consecutive days, restart from the beginning.
  • If you have stopped for more than 20 consecutive days, restart from the beginning.

Need to restart a daily session?

  • If you have completed less than 20 min, wait for one hour or more and start again from the beginning.
  • If you have completed more than 20 min, restart it at the 10 minute mark whenever you can.

Have mixed up some days?

  • If you have mixed up some daily sessions, just replace the one you have done by the one you have not done.

Need to adapt?

Regarding the listening part of the program

  • If you are auditory sensitive, begin with shorter sessions and increase them gradually as the sensitivity decreases.
  • If you really cannot tolerate one of of the songs, go to the next track and repeat it twice. Try to go back to the one you have skipped when you feel better.

Regarding the body-movement part of the program

  • If you find the exercises are too easy, do them faster and increase the number of repetitions.
  • If you find it too hard, just do your best. If you are mentoring someone else who has severe difficulties, just support him/ her as much as you can. No need to force someone if he/ she does not want to cooperate.
  • If you cannot do it, maybe you can still move some part of your body for few minutes. Some of the exercises can be easily adapted to your needs and abilities.

{tab Features}

Soundsory can also be switched to bluetooth mode and be used as a classic pair of headphones!

  • Microphone included - can be used for phone calls
  • Bone-conduction is automatically switched off in bluetooth mode

{tab FAQ}

Introducing the technology to your child

Bone conduction is very intriguing.

You can explain how your "bones" can listen. Let them experience the bone conduction and explain that it is "directly connect to the brain" and it bypasses some parts of the ear:

  • Invite them to plug his/ her ears and speak out loud; to feel their voice in their head
  • Invite them to put one hand on the top of their head, close their mouth and say "mmmmmm". They will feel the vibration in their head.
  • While holding Soundsory in their hand, put the volume at the maximum and ask him/ her to touch the bone conductor on the top of the band with their fingers to feel the vibration

Dynamic filtering is very surprising.

You can also attract his/ her attention to the dynamic filter by asking him/ her to warn you every time he/ she notices sound contrasts, even if they are subtle. You can explain that the brain is very sensitive to those sudden changes and it is a way to capture attention. Like when someone snaps their fingers to catch your attention. The dynamic filter is catching the brains attention.

Music is varied and catchy.

There are a lot of varieties of music in the program. Have your child try and recognize what style of music each refers to if they can. If not have then try and move or dance according to the style of music.

Introducing sessions

Soundsory can be used by the whole family. It is always good to show that Mom or Dad use Soundsory too. This might pique his interest and make him feel more comfortable with using it. It is also be a good opportunity to share something particular with your child. Show them that they are not the only ones that may be facing difficulties. That everyone can benefit from the program! You should also organize the session at the same time of the day which helps to create good listening habits. If after all the cool explanations he still doesn’t want to use Soundsory just “because”, here is the ultimate advice: Show them how they can activate the bluetooth mode and directly connect the headphones to your phone. Let your child listen to some of his favorite songs with his new cool wireless headphones! Once he sees that, it’s a great bargaining tool! First you listen to Soundsory, then we can listen to one of your songs!

During sessions

Soundsory is a great opportunity to play with your child. Try doing some activities they really enjoy; painting, drawing, playing games, lego building. It’s a way to share a pleasant moment with your child in a world that is very busy and always moving.

Do you have any questions?

contact link


Soundsory Flyer_EN

Soundsory Presentation_EN

Soundsory user manual - all languages


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