Spire Stone stress and activity tracker
[SOLD-OUT. Check out the PIP as an alternative!] Understand and optimize the daily rhythm. Spire monitors your breath, tension and concentration all day long and gently guides you to rest - without having to recharge daily. More than seven years of respiratory research have created this miracle.

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Designed for your life

Comfortable & Durable

We designed Spire to help you keep in sync with your mind and body by measuring your breath, all-day, everyday. Spire Stone is comfortable to wear, washer-proof, and has a 10 day battery life.

Unlock Calm & Productivity

Your breath is fuel for your body, the #1 indicator of your mindset, and in your control. Based on over 7 years of research, Spire Stone knows when you are getting stressed and guides you back to a calm and productive mindset.

Robust activity tracking included

Steps, calories, and reminders to move. We believe that mindfulness and activity go hand in hand. Spire can also remind you to move to meet your goals. Use the Spire app to track your progress and see how exercise relates to your health.

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This state occurs with greater stability and consistency in breathing.

Focused breathing is measured as breathing around your normal breathing rate but significantly more consistently than you normally do. It is the term Spire uses to to refer to sustained attention or concentration. In this state, the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches are in balance. It is characterized by alertness without perceived threat.

This is a form of "positive stress" where our skills are being challenged but we can meet those challenges without feeling anxious. Being in this state has been referred to as being "in the zone" or "in the flow" when doing knowledge work. Your Spire app will tell you when you?ve left a streak of focused breathing and provides progress metrics over time.


A mindset for daily living based on purposeful attention and non-judgemental awareness.

Mindfulness is the practice of creating space for agency between stimulus and response; it cultivates fluency in responding to a situation versus reacting to it. This requires strong ability to direct one`s attention. A core technique in mindfulness is to use breathing as an anchor for attention. A second tool is regulation of the breath as a means of regulating the nervous system to reduce fear and calm the mind. Greater mindfulness practice results in a lower resting respiration rate. Your Spire app provides notifications on changing patterns of your breathing to enhance mindfulness in daily living situations.


A practice to improve attention

Meditation, in the way that Spire uses it, is a practice where we train our attention - to be able to control its direction but also to be able to have greater awareness and control over emotions. The most common meditation technique is to focus attention on the breath. Regular meditation training has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, increase the brain`s gray matter, reduce activity in the "self-centered" and self-referential part of brain, and improve concentration.

Your Spire app provides guided experiences called Boosts to teach meditation techniques as well as timers to practice. It also combines the guidance with biometric analysis to display the effect of that particular Boost on you.

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