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The product range of MindTecStore includes among others professional training equipment, sportswear and wearables with integrated sensors. Rather than relying solely on your "good feeling" when exercising, use the latest technology to get quantified evaluations and recommendations for improvement.

The sensors of this high-quality fitness clothing record your fitness and track, for example, your muscle movements, the quality of your training sessions, your heart rate or your running performance. With the help of appropriate apps your data will be recorded and evaluated. This gives you a clear insight of your training and physical condition and helps you to improve your workouts and reach your best self faster and more effectively with these innovative sports products.

In the selection of our wearables, a healthy and fulfilling life is the focus. Our partners offer you tools that help you to identify problems and realize potentials for improving your fitness and health at an early stage. In case of existing problems you are always well informed and know when and how you should respond.

In this section you will find products from well-known and innovative manufacturers such as Myontec (Smart Shorts), Exxentric (muscle building and fitness), Sensoria (smart shirts, socks and bras), Lumo (posture and movement tracker), Healbe (calorie counter), U-GYM (electrical muscle stimulation) and many more. Most of our products are supported by advanced apps for Android and iOS - so you always have your results right on your smartphone.

Our products are aimed at professional and amateur athletes, fitness coaches, physiotherapists and sports teams who want to optimize their workouts and get the most out of themselves.
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