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U-GYM Pro: Portable Deep Muscle Massager for Athlete
Pro-level muscle stimulator (4000-8000Hz) that enhances workouts & relaxes your body. Including App and 4 modes. Color: Orange
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Before exercise ? Body warm up

U-GYM PRO can help you warm up on the way to GYM. It?s small and discrete to carry around and use it on the go before doing any intensive workout.

During exercise ? Enhance or assist training

You can use U-GYM PRO to train certain part of muscle more effectively. For example, you can use U-GYM PRO to build abs while jogging to enhance exercise efficiency.

After exercise ? Relax muscle and metalize chemical

Unbearable muscle sore after intensive training session? Speed up muscle recovery and avoid soreness by metabolizing build up chemicals in deep muscle.

No time to exercise?

U-GYM PRO can be a great substitute to passively massage and exercise your muscle to help consume calories, enhance or maintain muscle strength. Use it up to 10 hours after fully charge to make the most of fractured time such as during walking, commuting or taking a short break.

{tab Function}

Relieve your muscle painr

Soreness in muscles can affect your sleep. Not having a good night of sleep can hinder the recovery of your body. Prevent getting into a vicious cycle by giving your body a proper massage.

Warm up

Stimulate your muscles before and during warm up to enhance warm up efficiency and avoid sports injuries.

During workout

Muscle stimulation during training can increase workout intensity and burn more calories.

After workout

Loosen your body with proper muscle stimulation to relieve and prevent soreness after intense workout.

{tab App}

Furthermore, you can also take pictures of your progress and share them with friends on social media for a friendly competition. The embedded Gyro and G-sensor can capture your activities and sync them to with the smartphone to show the level of calories consumption. In addition, you can choose to login your account by entering your ID & PW, Facebook account or even by using AirSig Authentication (Signing words in the air by waving the phone like a wand). One more interesting point is that so long as you have got proper clothes on,you can let U-GYM offer its good services to virtually any part of your body without being noticed.

{tab Features}

LED Display

  • Mode Indicator
  • Intensity level display
  • Battery Level
  • Firmware Version


  • User manual
  • 2-electrode cord
  • 4-electrode cord
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Storage bag, electrodes (size and quantity vary between models)
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