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U-GYM mini+: Deep Tissue Massager for Relaxation
Reduce muscle soreness and mimics a real deep-tissue massage (2000-4000Hz) to help muscles relax and recover faster. Including App. Color: White
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{tab Product description}


  1. Deep tissue massage, just like you'd get from a massage therapist
  2. Great design by a former Under Armor designer: it?s slick and fashionable
  3. Smart device: customize and share massage programs using your smartphone (BLE connectivity is not available for this current version)
  4. Ultra portable: use it at work, at home, indoors, outdoors, anytime, anywhere
  5. Easy-to-use and ergonomic: it's designed for everyone

{tab Function}

U-GYM Mini+ simulates deep massage technique from real therapist to give you full relaxation!

Massage Sequence 1:

Using different level and frequency of stimulation pulses alternating repeatedly to produce gentle, solid but deep pressing muscle sensation. It can effectively relieve muscle fatigue and soreness and help release your mental pressure.

Massage Sequence 2:

Alternating gentle and strong beat motion pulses can effectively relieve muscle stiffness caused by static posture. It can improve blood circulation and metabolism to speed up muscle recovery.

{tab App}

4. Download additional massage modes

Press the upper right corner and select "Download Available Modes" and you will see UGYM005 to UGYM011 show up in the Available Mode section. If you select one of the available modes download from our server, you can replace M1 to M4 mode on the device. If you don`t like the change, you can restore the default M1-M4 back on device as well.

5. Create self-define mode

Before using the Self-define mode, please make sure you click on upper corner to select "Sync Available Cycles" and you will see different cycles pops up. Click on any of the cycles and they will show up in the row of sequence. Click on "Experience" and intensity to try your design. (Make sure your pads are already on your body and cord is plugged in to the device). If the design is complete, press "Save" and give the mode a name. Now you can see there`s additional mode on the bottom of main page.

6. Upload and share self-define mode

Click on one of the Self-design mode and you can delete or share the mode on Facebook.

{tab Features}

Massage Sequence:

2 Modes preset on device

  • Muscle Relax Mode
  • Training Enhance Mode
  • Muscle Recovery Mode
  • App additional 2 Mode
  • Selfdefine and sharing Mode (through app)

LED Display:Yes

  • Mode indicator
  • Battery level


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