Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer II
[SOLD OUT] Focus Training and move Hologramms simple with the power of your mind like a Jedi. (Incl.10 levels)

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Use the power of your mind to move holograms and perform amazing feats of Jedi strength from different Star Wars movies. Real brainwave sensors on the wireless headset detect the strength of your concentration from your brainwaves and trigger changes in the hologram. Re-enact famous Jedi challenges as you advance through 10 different levels of Force Training. Develop your powers of concentration and see if you can reach the rank of Jedi Master.

  • Move Holograms with the power of your mind!
  • Re-enact and perform different Jedi Challenges from Star Wars movies
  • Bluetooth headset uses real brainwave technology to detect your levels of concentration
  • With music, sound effects and voice instruction from Master Yoda
  • Includes Force Trainer App featuring 10 levels of Jedi Training and future Episode 7 app update

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Re-enact some of the most famous Jedi challenges on your journey from Padawan to Jedi Master level. Levitate and move a Jedi Training remote, build your own lightsaber, and battle against droids, Darth Vader, and the final challenge against the all powerful Emperor! Includes free App update after the release of the Episode 7 movie with new Episode 7 challenges.

Can This Be Real?

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Yes! The Force Trainer headset uses advanced neural sensor technology to read and interpret brainwaves. As you concentrate, you generate Beta brainwaves. The headset detects these waves and translates a digital signal via Bluetooth to your tablet causing the hologram to move based on your level of concentration.

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Operating System: Android iOS
Target Groups: Beginner Children
Product Type: Gadget Games Headset
Applications: Gift Neurofeedback
Shipping weight:1,80 Kg
Product weight: 1,80 Kg

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