Vivonetics Vivosense Sync und Merge Module
Vivosense Sync und Merge Module solves the sensor integration problem by streamlining the process of integrating and aligning files from multiple simultaneous sensor recordings

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  • 3. Intelligent Synchronization: Performs automatic scanning through pairs of channels in order to find the optimal synchronization point. With Intelligent synchronization algorithms, VivoSense? searches through each data stream or a specified region of the data stream to find the best time shift for each session. More than two files can be intelligently synchronized at once, saving substantial time and effort when working with more than two simultaneous recordings.

    Quickly merge only the desired channels across multiple recordings, and then combine them into a single, time-synchronized file. The Merge algorithm checks for and eliminates duplicate channel names to avoid channel overlap and create a seamless single file. Seamlessly merge hardware and software annotations (events) from all data streams into the single file. The resulting merged file may be analyzed, visualized and shared within the VivoSense? software as well as synchronized with additional data streams.



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