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Welltiss PEMF Therapy wearable for iOS and Android
Welltiss - Back on nature. backed by the science. enabled by technology. Welltiss is using PEMF therapy to regenerate damaged and diseased tissues, to repair torn tendons as well as fractured bones. Reduces swelling, improve circulation by dilating arteries and capillaries and be up to the mark with the easy to use and chemical-free healing device by Welltiss.

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That is how PEMF with Welltiss works:

  • Increases communication and interaction between cells
  • Stimulates circulation by causing both arteries and capillaries to dilate
  • Increases oxygen absorbed by cells, particularly improving oxygen utilization in areas of diseased or damaged tissue
  • Increases blood flow, which allows nutrients to reach the cells while allowing a rapid disposal of cellular waste. Blood flow, along with enhanced protein synthesis in cells, aids in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation
  • stimulates natural endorphin production, including serotonin, which helps speed up the healing process. Innumerable scientific studies have proven that PEMF relieves pain, speeds up tissue repair, and provides regeneration and bone healing.


  • Welltiss uses 100% Safe Technology called PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy)
  • It`s easy to use for iOS and Android
  • 100% natural and chemical free
  • Increased blood and oxygen circulation, which improves sleep, tissue and bone healing, clotting factors, and nutrient intake
  • Performance is improved due to less muscle tension, increased energy, better breathing and more flexible tissue
  • Less arthritis development and less inflammation
  • PEMF therapy reduces stress by virtue of feeling less pain and improving the immune system by detoxifying the body.

{tab Function}

How does PEMF work?

Welltiss offers four programs to assist in healing in a natural, non-invasive, safe and proven effective manner. It uses PEMF - pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. PEMF is related to magnetic therapy, but instead of a constant magnetic field, our system provides a field that changes with time. Harmless electromagnetic pulses, complementary to those present in our bodies, are emitted from the Welltiss device when applied to whatever part of your body you wish to heal. To keep it short: Welltiss heals.

Why is this PEMF-healing so different from other treatments?

Well, first of all, it's completely natural, as it heals the way our bodies naturally do. The body is a natural magnetic field. This is created by the flow of electrically charged ions in and out of the cells and the transmission of electric impulses through cell membranes. By creating harmless electromagnetic pulses, complementary to those in your body, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy can naturally influence electrical changes on a cellular level and thus influence the body.

By doing so, PEMF therapy regenerates damaged and diseased tissue, repairs torn tendons and fractured bones. It enhances the synthesis of protein in the cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all the protein available. PEMF therapy can also improve circulation, not by increasing the heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries. This also reduces oedema (swelling).

How long is PEMF therapy in use? Is it safe?

PEMF therapy has been widely used for decades and is the subject of FDA-approved therapies. It has been tested and recognized as effective in scores of peer-reviewed medical journals. Welltiss uses this tried-and-true (and above all safe) technology, but in an entirely new way. Apply Welltiss directly to the tissue that is damaged, tired, sore, tight, or aching, and you’ll feel the difference in no time, healing far more quickly than you would otherwise.

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Muscle soreness can prevent you from achieving your goals. Improve your sports performance and stimulate your body to regenerate more quickly. The Regeneration program helps you stimulate muscles, connective tissues and tendons by weakening the nerve impulses to muscular cells in such a way that they ease their tension and begin to relax and let you feel energized, renewed and relaxed.

How it works

  • Welltiss helps you to feel more relaxed and ready to recover fast.
  • The PEMF therapy will release tension in your muscles and helps them to heal.
  • By stimulating the muscles Welltiss prepare your body to high activity levels to achieve your goals and improve your personal performance.
  • You will feel full of energy like a new person.

Tissue repair

Speed Up the healing process of your damaged tissue with Welltiss. By triggering a cascade of natural biological reactions, Welltiss will

  • support and repair your damaged tissues
  • create a therapeutic reaction that is natural and safe
  • improve tissue morphology

How it works

  • Welltiss will help you feel relaxed and ready for recovery.
  • Welltiss will release electromagnetic pulses, just like the ones that naturally course through your own body, thus creating a therapeutic reaction.
  • The natural biological reactions will repair damaged tissues.
  • The tissue morphology, including cell shape and collagen fiber organisation, is improved.

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{tab FAQ}

Where do I apply Welltiss?

For best results, apply it directly to the skin, right over the injured area or the area you want to work on. Welltiss is constructed from medical grade material, which makes it safe and non-irritating to the skin. You can achieve the same results when applying it over thin clothing. If you are in the small percentage of users who feel the pulses emitted by Welltiss (and if this bothers you), we recommend that you first apply Welltiss over thin clothing. The thin barrier the clothing provides should negate this sensation while still maintaining Welltiss’ effectiveness.

Can Welltiss get wet?

Welltiss device is water resistant, but not waterproof, so don’t submerge it in any liquids. It will do well through normal day-to-day use, but please don’t go swimming with it and it is best if you do not shower with it.

Why do I need PEMF-treatment at a cellular level?

Cells work at an optimal level in restoring and maintaining tissue and organs, allowing the body to function better. Cells generate energy to perform their basic duties, such as eliminating waste, repairing, regenerating and rebalancing the body. Magnetic fields charge cell membranes, resulting in an increase of energy and the opening up of cell channels, where nutrients can easily enter to eliminate more waste.


Target Groups: Physicians Hospital usages Advanced Users Beginner
Operating System: Android iOS
Product features: Rechargeable Battery
Applications: Biofeedback Fitness Gift Health
Product Type: Wearable
Shipping weight:0,30 Kg
Product weight: 0,30 Kg

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