biosignalsplux Professional Sensor RFID
The perfect accessory for synchronous recording of biosignal data and ID-mappable events.
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Example: For manual event annotation, it is an improvement to our handheld push button. The push button only provides an on/off behaviour, while with the RFID accessory you can have different tags associated with different events (e.g. starting of the test, stopping the test, presentation of a given stimuli), and more easily encode such events in a channel synchronised with the remaining biosignal data.

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  • Tag Frequency: 125kHz
  • Read Range: 10cm (typical)
  • Consumption: ~70mA
  • Output: Filtered PWM from CRC of tag ID

Target Groups: Developers Professional
Applications: Research
Product Type: Accessory
Product weight: 0,50 Kg

Datasheet RFID Sensor_EN