Mindfield eSense Temperature
Escape from everyday stressness and experience your body temperature with Mindfield. The Mindfield eSense Temperature enables you to reduce everyday stress, fears and panic by analyzing your body temperature. Receive active Biofeedback on your preferred smart device to track your stress level. The first step to a healthier lifestyle – Mindfield. Compatible with Mindfield eSense Respiration

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Background Information on Skin Temperature

The skin's surface temperature changes according to blood circulation through body tissue. The small blood vessels (arterioles) crossing through the tissue are surrounded by fibers of smooth muscle controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. In a state of increased exertion, excitement and stress, these muscle fibers contract and narrow the blood vessels. This leads to a reduction of skin temperature because blood circulation through the tissue is reduced. By contrast, in a resting or calm state, the muscles relax and the blood vessels expand. The skin temperature rises. Conscious control of physiological stress can help you react more relaxed and more efficiently to many situations. This mechanism can be practiced using the eSense Temperature through conditioning. Detailed instructions are included with the app. Skin temperature biofeedback is easy to use and learn. It has a high success rate and brings about a general improvement in wellbeing.

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Free app from Mindfield

This app is free and included with every eSense, it provides all features as described on this page. With buying an eSense you get this free, professional and fully featured app for perfect biofeedback training.

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Is there a way to extend the cord of the eSense?

If you wish to use a longer cord between the eSense and your smartphone or tablet, you can extend the original cord of the eSense with a common, 4-pin, 3,5mm jack headset extension cord. We have tested 3 cords that have worked:

Included in Delivery

  • Mindfield® eSense Temperature Sensor
  • One velcro strap for the Sensor
  • Free app from Mindfield via the App Store or Googly Play.
  • Extensive instructions for effective training.

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Target Groups: Advanced Users Beginner
Operating System: Android iOS
Applications: Biofeedback Health
Product features: Single channel sensor skin temperature
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