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MindRDR is Born

We wanted to harness this control mechanism into an app that demonstrated a real-world use case, something that people could use. Therefore we created MindRDR, an app that allows a user to take a photo and socialise it via Twitter, all with the power of their mind. The successful development of this telekinetic interface prototype has allowed us to dream bigger and look to fulfil our goal of bringing this next generation User Interface into the mainstream.

In order to make sure that the MindRDR project continues to break new ground, we have released all of the source code so that other developers can bring their own expertise and enthusiasm to the project and continue to realise the future of Human-Computer Interaction Design. To learn more please go to



This reading is kind of an indicator of how Zen you are. Do you perform tasks with an inner calmness or do you divert all your mental energy to the action at hand? Low scores might indicate you are unable to relax whilst higher scores could indicate you are just too chilled!

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