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Throw Trucks

Throw Trucks




The game uses standard first-person shooter controls, where you move around with WASD, aim with the mouse, change your powers with 1-8 or the mouse wheel, jump with the space bar, and turn your power on with the left mouse button.  This is all completely configurable from the settings screen.  The blue bar is how calm you are and the red bar is how focused you are.  This is read from your brain with the NeuroSky MindWave headset.  These values control how strong your powers are.  Blue powers are fueled by calm.  Red powers are fueled by focus.  The act of focusing is fundamentally about giving all of your attention to one thing and blocking out all distractions. The act of being calm is blocking out all stressors and relaxing.  Your powers will not work directly on other players, so you have to find ways to throw things into them.


We want to be clear that at no point will this game take itself too seriously. The game will be silly, but still competitive. The art style of the game will reflect that. Unless someone backs at the REALITY BENDER reward tier and demands it, there will be no angry space marines in power armor. Here is some concept art for playable characters:


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