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  • Monitor realtime levels of Joy, Attention and Inner Calm in students, patients, employees and consumers and store the results 
  • Realtime 3D interactive animation and MindMedia video monitors your brainwave activity
  • Analyze WujiBrainwave sessions via raw data or MindMedia analysis 
  • Leverage key findings to improve health, academic performance, employee engagement
  • Ideally applicable for market research
  • Fully integrated with the online WujiDashboard and all its features for powerful back-end management in large-scale applications

WujiTech delivers enterprise-level social and member management software for tracking and measuring cognitive response and emotional well-being.  By providing new capabilities for understanding an individual’s state of mind, it enables innovative approaches to integrating Brain Health into wellness programs and education.




You will need to have a NeuroSky EEG headset to use our app.

WujiDashboard makes a difference

You’ve seen other online community-building  tools, but WujiTech is unique and focused on Brain Health. Our cloud-based product is an integrated, secure, and interactive dashboard that includes content management, messaging, and powerful survey/assessment and analytic capabilities. It can easily be adapted and personalized, enabling the most robust solution for enterprise level brain health management today.



The WujiDashboard can also be configured to enhance an existing website by incorporating a highly integrated set of functionality such as surveys, assessments, event scheduling, social networking, content management, community collaboration, e-commerce, messaging, blogging and automated information dissemination.

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