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Great Lakes Neurotechnologies

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Major markets include physiological monitoring for research and education, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, telemedicine and in-home health monitoring.

One of the major products of Great Lakes is the Bio Radio, a multi-purpose measurement device for various uses in research and practical application.


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Video Tutorials

Wireless Psychology: Setup and Analysis

June 5 Topics: Common Applications for Psychology Measurements; Different Types of Sensors to Measure Psychology; How to Wirelessly Acquire Psychology Data; Basic Psychology Data Analysis Techniques

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Basic Frequency Analysis for Physiology

May 22 Topics: What are Sampling Rate and Frequency Analysis? Common Applications to Analyze Frequency of Physiology; Available Tools for Analyzing Frequency; Fast Fourier Transforms and Basic Filtering

Wireless EEG: Setup and Analysis

Working with wireless EEG Subject Material; Setting up for data acquisition of wireless EEG, brain waves measurement and basic data analysis techniques. Topics: Common Applications for EEG Measurements; Different Types of Methods to Measure Brain Waves; How to Wirelessly Acquire data

Basics of Biomedical Data Acquisition

April 24 Topics: Typical biomedical signals and applications; Building blocks of data acquisition systems; Common sources of noise in biomedical signals Filtering and digital signal processing techniques

Wireless Respiration: Setup and Analysis

April 10 Topics: Common Applications for Respiratory Measurements; Different Types of Sensors to Measure Respiration; How to Wirelessly Acquire Respiratory Data; Basic Respiratory Data Analysis Techniques





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