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MBody Review by WAREABLE


Myontec shifts its smart clothing focus to elite athletes

Meet the muscle tracking shorts proving popular with professional sports teams
In 2014, Finnish company Myontec launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its Mbody Coach smart shorts, a more affordable version of its connected fitness apparel that uses electromyographic (EMG) technology to measure muscle load. Combined with heart rate and cadence data MBody wanted to help you get fitter, improve technique and even identify when you were at risk of an injury. It promised to pack in a real-time audio coach, too.

Unfortunately, the campaign for the $500 garment failed to muster up the $99,000 it was hoping raise, enticing just 65 backers to part with their money.

"We launched the Mbody mass production product in early 2014 and actually won the Sport & Fitness category at the Wearable Technology Innovations World Cup in Munich in January of that year," Myontec's CEO Janne Pylväs told us. "Based on our research we felt there could be a market on the consumer side and that's what we were trying to achieve with our crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately the market wasn't ready for that. It's still doable, but the demand for our product came from training centres and mainly from team sports."

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The Lumo Run is a personal running coach built inside a small sensor that clips onto any pair of shorts (or leggings). With your smartphone nearby and headphones in, it delivers real-time audio insights into your running to help correct form, reduce the chances of injury and hopefully get faster.

This is Lumo's third wearable after the posture-correcting Lumo Back and Lumo Lift and it's harnessing much of the same sensor tech to give the Run its tracking powers.When the Lumo Run was first announced it was pitched as a pair of smart running shorts or capris that you can slip the sensor into. Then the decision was made to launch the Lumo Run sensor with a small rubber case so you can clip it onto any running kit and make it smarter. We reckon this makes a lot more sense.




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Lumo Run integrates with Strava!


Better Form, Better Results. Make the most of your every mile with the first and best running app + sensor to track, analyze, and improve your running form. With the Lumo Run app, turn your phone into your personal, portable running coach with real-time audio coaching and feedback on your running form. Or, run without your phone and simply sync your Lumo Run sensor to the app to access your data. Whichever you prefer, track, analyze and get personalized recommendations on drills and exercises to help you improve your form over time. Built for runners by runners and backed by science, Lumo Run helps runners like you optimize your form to unlock your greatest potential. "Connect your GPS watch to Strava so you can run without your phone, but still get your pace, distance and route data. To connect Strava to your Lumo Run app, enter your Strava credentials through your Lumo Run Settings --> Connect Services --> Strava."

New App "PipHub"



PipHub is your gateway to everything Pip related.  Its Apps view provides one location for discovering, installing and launching all the apps available for your Pip.
The Notifications view provides regular communications from the team at Pip HQ, including links to articles and Pip App updates. The new App "PipHub" is now available for iOS and Android.






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Article about Pip


Interesting article about Pip by Tiffanie Wen

"The Pip’s goal is to teach people to control my stress levels by reporting hidden signals from their body that they might otherwise not notice. You play games on an associated app, where the goal is to change these signals and bring your stress down. It’s an example of a “biofeedback” device. While the Pip measures skin conductivity, other approaches in the same vein monitor things like brain wave activity, muscle tension, or what your heart is doing. The Inner Balance Transformation System, for example, is an app that promises to improve well-being and reduce anxiety by giving you a clearer picture of your heart rate over the course of the day. Biofeedback techniques have also been used to help train athletes."

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We are at the ISPO 2017 in Munich with Kinematix


Introduction to the public at ISPO 2017 Munich

Accompanying the start of Europe-wide sales, German distributor TITAN Commerce presents the Kinematix Tune system to the public.

TUNE by Kinematix is the only running wearable that applies in-shoe monitoring to both feet at the same time, allowing you to analyze the relevant parameters needed to assess your running form.

Learn more, visit us directly at the ISPO 2017 Munich (February 5 to 8):

Hall B4, Booth 430 and Booth 10, On site contacts: Harald Baums, Hans-Georg Bieschke

To arrange a meeting contact us: (+49)6403/6099300

German app of Sleep Shepherd is now available


Great News!

The german app of Sleep Shepherd is now available on the App Store (Apple and Android).

Wake up feeling great and get the most out of your night with the only sleep tracker that actively improves your sleep.


Buy one BrainLink Lite and get one Yoga Band FOR FREE*


Meditate with Fun - for Adults and Kids

The Brainlink Lite Headband uses a more comfortable and easy-to-wear design. With the soft leather headband, it fits with bigger range of headsizes. The BrainLink Lite is especially designed to fit end users such as gamers and meditators. For research purposes, please select a different model. In Comparision to the BrainLink Headset, the Headband has 3 forehead electrodes, no earclip, no EmoLight/smart light.

(*The color of the Yoga Bands is not selectable)





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MBody AllSports Starter Kit Test report by SFT


SFT tests MBody AllSports Starter Kit:

From the review:

The market for smart sports wear is rather young but there are already very interesting products. Myontec’s intelligent shorts register your muscle activity (quadriceps), balance, heart rate and running speed through sensors on the inside. The electrodes have to be moistened beforehand. The data is transferred via Bluetooth from the MCell recording device to the MBody Live app to record and evaluate your training. Unfortunately, the app is not yet perfect – we could connect the shorts only via iOS but not using Android.




Read SFT test report

Necomimi Europe – Announcement of product discontinuation


After a long and successful production run, we will begin to phase out the Necomimi Europe starting September the 1st. Please note this if you are planning to place a larger order. From September on, this product will only be offered as long as the remaining stock lasts.

Please not that this discontinuation does not affect returns or technical support in any way. We also offer a wide variety of alternative Gadgets, so have a look in our webshop!

QardioArm Price reduction only for 2 Weeks


Take your chance and purchase the QardioArm only for 114,-€. The price reduction last only for 2 weeks until the 15th Septmeber 2016.

QardioArm is clinically validated to measure your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate with medical-grade accuracy and precision. It also includes irregular heart beat detection which QardioArm uniquely stores to help you track your heart fully. View your blood pressure readings as a list or in an easy-to-understand chart, and visualize them on the World Health Organization scale. All your blood pressure measurements are automatically saved in Qardio's secure cloud, from which you can choose to share them with those closest to you or your doctor, empowering them to give you the best possible care.



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