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2-Lead Sensor Cable

2-lead electrode snap-on connection cable for EDA / ECG

29,00 €
Sales price without tax: 24,37 €

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3-Lead Sensor Cable

Cable assembly used to connect the EMG & ECG sensors to the electrodes

41,00 €
Sales price without tax: 34,45 €

Product details

USB Charging Cable for BITalino

Standard USB-A to Micro USB cable

3,00 €
Sales price without tax: 2,52 €

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Molex Sherlock to Open Wires Cable

4-pin Molex Sherlock breakout cable for the sensor boards

6,00 €
Sales price without tax: 5,04 €

Product details

RJ22 to Open Wires Cable

RJ22 socket breakout cable for the BITalino Plugged

7,00 €
Sales price without tax: 5,88 €

Product details

RJ22 to Molex Sherlock Sensor Cable

Sensor connection cable for the BITalino Plugged

11,00 €
Sales price without tax: 9,24 €

Product details

Individual Electrode Cable

Individual cable to connect the sensor pins (IN+, IN-, and REF) to the electrodes

11,00 €
Sales price without tax: 9,24 €

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Accelerometer Cable for Axis X & Y

X & Y axis connection cable for the BITlino Plugged

26,00 €
Sales price without tax: 21,85 €

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