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My Pip: your cloud platform for better living


The Pip, a revolution in mental fitness allows you to see your stress levels. Powered by science, it accurately visualises what you are feeling, as you are feeling it. The Pip connects your emotions with innovative apps both passive and active, teaching you not only how to recognise stress, but to know a life without it.

The real strength of the Pip lies in its portability, its performance and its ability to fit into everyone’s life, everywhere. The Pips true power is in its astonishing ability to focus and change our minds, unlocking the greater potential in all of us. Our levels of stress fluctuate continuously – significant changes happen in fractions of a second; and with the fluctuation, the electrical properties of our skin change. The skin at our fingertips acts as a particularly sensitive indicator. Hold The Pip in your fingertips: it detects the rise and fall of stress, and feeds data into an app at the rate of 8 times per second. The Pip combines precision engineered gold plated sensors, proprietary algorithms and signal processing technology to ensure accurate stress level reading.





19.05.2016 My Pip: your cloud platform for better living


19.05.2016 Improve your workout sessions with the Sensoria Fitness Bundle

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