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ergoplux Researcher Kit mit 8 EMG Sensoren
All the hardware and software essentials for full powered ergonomic teams managing injury prevention and missed working days. This kit objectively measures muscular load according to released standards (ISO 5349-1:2001).

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{tab Product description}

ergoplux Researcher uses the OpenSignals (r)evolution software and the Muscle Load Analysis software add-on to track the muscular stress of workers by acquiring electromyography signals (up to 8 sensors simultaneously) and by analyzing the muscle contraction intensities over time. The Electromyography (EMG) Analysis add-on allows extracting statistical information from the acquired signals to evaluate the stress workers are exposed to in further detail. Additionally, the Video Synchronization add-on allows the users to record videos of the workers during the signal acquisition sessions to visualize all signals synchronously with the recorded video for post-acquisition analysis purposes (e.g. movement analysis).

{tab Features}

Hub specifications:

  • Analog Ports: 8 generic inputs
  • Auxiliary Ports: 1 ground
  • Resolution: up to 16-bit (per channel)
  • Sampling Rate: up to 3000Hz (per channel)
  • Communication: Bluetooth Class II
  • Range: up to ~10m (extendable)
  • Internal Memory: 8GB (stores up to 111h)
  • Battery Life: ~10h streaming
  • Size: 85x54x10mm


Produkttyp: Set
Zielgruppe: Profi Therapeuten Entwickler
Anwendung: EMG Fitness Forschung Vitalfunktionen