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Pain Therapy Equipment

Here you will find a selection of high-quality pain therapy devices - from entry-level to professional models. More Info

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For pain: pain therapy without medication using electricity with a TENS unit

Current for pain relief is a long proven means. Already the Egyptian before approx. 4500 years put electric fish on the aching body parts. 

In modern times, pain therapists use TENS devices for this purpose. These are small devices with skin electrodes for Transcutaneous Eelectric NerveS stimulation (TENS). It was found that a pain stimulus on its way to the brain can be blocked by means of electricity. The basis for this is the so-called control barrier theory. 

TENS units therefore enable pain therapy from home – without the need to take medication. 

Why should I use a pain management device/ TENS unit?

A brief  overview  of the benefits of using a pain management device/ TENS unit:

  • It is used in pain management as a helpful tool
  • Fewer painkillers are necessary (due to the elimination of the natural painkiller Endorphin)
  • It helps to relax
  • Improved stress relief - it stimulates the release of the happy hormone endorphin

How does a TENS unit work?

TENS units are devices that makes use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). This is a procedure where electric current by means of low voltage stimulates neurostimulation. The nerve stimulation is used to relieve pain without medication. For this purpose, adhesive electrodes are attached to the affected parts of the body, so that a gentle current massage through the body takes place. This causes a change in neuronal transmission and blocks the transmission of pain to the brain. Users find TENS massages very pleasant. The devices can be adjusted to different stimulation intensities.

The following are considered to be the main modes of action: 

  • Blocking the transmission of pain to the brain 
  • Stimulation of endorphin release (natural painkiller)
  • Improved blood circulation

How do I use a pain therapy device/ TENS unit?

A TENS unität is simply attached by means of adhesive sensors to the parts of the body that are to be treated. 
After switching on the device, you have the option to choose a massage program and determine the intensity. Basically, a successive build-up of the TENS massage duration and intensity is recommended. Now the user may take a moment to rest and enjoy the relaxing massage. After the TENS massage, the TENS device is removed. Duration and frequency of TENS therapy depend on the severity of the symptoms.

What else can I use a TENS unit for?

TENS units have proven at the same time as a helpful means with stress. By the current massages at the same time the endorphin release is stimulated, which is a happiness hormone and therefore with the dismantling of stress support work can.
The devices provide a soothing massage and a mindful unity for body and soul. 

When do I use a TENS unit and when do I use an EMS unit?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) has the goal of relieving pain by stimulating the nerves.
An electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), on the other hand, has the main goal of strengthening the muscles and rehabilitation.

Which TENS unit do I need?

TENS devices for private use are relatively simple to use. 

Currently there are various of possibilities by TENS massages. The TENS devices offered at MindTecStore are clinically tested. This guarantees you reliable results when you purchase a pain therapy device. 

Depending on the type and intensity of use, we offer the following TENS technologies/pain management devices:

  1. Simple TENS – devices
    They are the perfect beginner and quickly assist you in treating pain. We recommend the Omron E3 Intense.

  2. TENS unit with heat treatment
    This is an extension of TENS technology. It combines TENS technology with a heat treatment. This treatment is often perceived as even more soothing. This device is recommended for pain, where an additional heat treatment is good.  We recommend here the HeatTENS of Omron.


Use TENS technology for successful pain management without taking medications – clinically proven TENS devices buy reliably at MindTecStore, the online health store – technologies for more physical and mental health. 

  • A TENS unit helps as a pain therapy unit 
  • It stimulates the nerves (pain is blocked and less transmitted to the brain)
  • The application is easy
  • Painkillers canbe reduced in this way
  • It stimulates the release of the happiness hormone Endorphin
  • MindTecStore offers selected TENS devices which are clinically tested and oriented to the different needs of the user:
    • Simple TENS devices
    • ENS devices with simultaneous heat Treatment