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Light Therapy Glasses

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Light Therapy Glasses

Buy Light Therapy Glasses at MindTecStore.com

For jet-lag, listlessness and tiredness: quickly recharge your batteries with light therapy glasses

Low spirits and listlessness can be, among other things, a sign of a body out of rhythm. The causes for this are many… short sleep phases, too long activity phases, time shifts, weather fluctuations, …
Light therapy can help to regain balance more quickly, and thus regain more energy and a more restful sleep. The body gradually becomes more resistant to stress, as it can react more flexibly to changing conditions. This faster „recovery ability of the body to the changing external conditions“ is called the „circadian rhythm“ and plays an increasingly important role in today's fast-paced world. Thus, among other things, competitive athletes train specifically this ability, in order to be able to call their performance under a wide variety of conditions again and again safe. 

Even managers, with a lot of business travel, can compensate for their jetlags faster and adapt to new environments more quickly with an improved circadian rhythm. 

Light therapy glasses are a modern tool to help us better respond to the challenges of today. 

Why should I use light therapy glasses?

A brief  overview  of the benefits of using light therapy glasses:

  • Renergize quickly and easily
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved circadian rhythm - the body's ability to adapt to changing conditions.
  • Improved stress reduction
  • Rapid recovery during a jet-leg
  • Increased performance ability, more stable power retrieval

How do light therapy glasses work?

Light therapy is a science-based technology. It uses blue light technology to optimize the body's rhythm - that is, the body's ability to adapt to changing conditions, also called circadian ability. This is of particular interest in competitive athletes and jet lag problems. Clinical studies prove that blue light can have a profound effect on the control of the body's rhythm.

How do I use light therapy glasses?

Light therapy glasses are very simple to use. To do this, the glasses are put on during the day for about 20. minutes, so that the blue light can act on the user. It is a kind of mindful time-out for body and soul. Already after a short time the user feels more awake and has more energy again.

What else can I use light therapy glasses for?

Light therapy glasses not only give you new energy, they also support your ability to compensate for stress factors (stressors) more quickly and easily. The mindful handling of the body is at the same time a beneficial unity for body and soul.

Which light therapy glasses do I need?

Light therapy glasses convince basically by their simple and uncomplicated application.

Depending on the needs of the user and the intensity of use, MindTecStore offers two different products. They have been extensively tested by us and found to be good. At the same time they have been clinically tested. This guarantees you reliable results when you buy the glasses. 

We offer the following light therapy glasses:


Use the technology of blue light therapy to quickly gain energy, strengthen the body's ability to recover from changing conditions (e.g. jet-lag) and strengthen personal vitality. The light therapy glasses in MindTecStore, are tested by us and found to be good. MindTecStore - the health online store – Technologies for more physical and mental health. 

  • A light therapy glasses helps to faster recovery ability and gives new energy  
  • The light therapy glasses helps especially for fast regeneration in case of JET-Lag problems
  • The application is very simple
  • Stress can be better managed in this way
  • MindTecStore offers selected light therapy glasses which are clinically tested and oriented to the different needs of the user:
    • Simple model for quick start
    • Advanced model incl. App for intensive use
  • Light therapy glasses are suitable for quick help with jet lag problems, lack of energy or drive, sleep difficulties, for health-conscious people, for athletes, professional athletes, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists