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Here you will find a selection of high-quality, Balance Boards. From the beginner to the professional model. More Info


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Balance training strengthens the body

Balance training plays an important role in many areas such as competitive sports, physiotherapy, rehabilitation or general fitness training and yoga exercises. It not only strengthens the sense of balance, but also improves posture, coordination, core muscles and the visual sense.

Performance-enhancing physical leverage can be optimized and the general susceptibility to injury can be reduced.

A balance board offers a good training opportunity.

What is a balance board and which variants are there?

Actually, the name reveals a lot about the function. It is a board specially designed for balance training. They are also often called wobble boards because they have a smooth surface on which the user stands, while the floor underneath him shakes quite a bit due to a round underside. The user must now try to keep their balance. 

There are many different models on the market:
From simple boards, to fashion boards similar to surfboards, to high-quality balance boards, which are equipped with motion sensors and a linked analysis and training app.

Basic balance boards

Simple balance boards have exactly the basic function of a balance board described above. They are available in different materials (wood or plastic). Regardless of the material, these boards offer a inexpensive or affordable balance training option.

Trendy surf boards

These boards are characterized by their special shape. They resemble that of a surfboard. Functionally, they offer the same balance training opportunity as a simple basic board. They have been expanded to include the trend factor, that they resemble a surfboard.

Balance board with fun factor and performance tracking

Higher quality balance boards have more features compared to the other boards. Using a motion sensor, they measure the movements of the user and integrate them into playful training sessions. For example in the form of a car race or similar games on the screen.

Furthermore, the training results and the training process are recorded at the same time and made available via an app. This gives the user a good overview of his training success and training development.

This form of training particularly supports the fun and motivational factor during training, so that users have a high degree of goal achievement and long-term training success.

Balance board for the professional sector (physio, rehabilitation, competitive sports)

In addition, there are balance boards that have been specially designed for professional use in competitive sports, physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatment.
These balance boards are also coupled with analysis tools for trainers or therapists. Using an online dashboard, several clients can be analyzed and managed at the same time during on-site or home training. This form is also called remote support. Without a trainer/therapist being present during home training, he can monitor the quality and quantity of the training remotely and from there new requirements, tips, etc... via the app. give to the trainee.

What should I consider when buying a balance board?

We have now got to know the different types of balance boards. When buying a balance board, it is always advisable to first ask about your own goals and personal motivation.

For people with a high level of self-discipline and strong intrinsic motivation, a classic balance board is certainly a good and inexpensive option.

If lifestyle and cult factor play an important role, a balance board similar to a surfboard might be recommended.

Do you want as much entertainment and fun as possible? experience during training, so that training times fly by and you can hardly wait for the next training session, then a board that works with a linked training app might be recommended.

If you want to use a balance board in a professional area such as rehabilitation centers, physiotherapy or in competitive sports, then the technically innovative balance board with remote support is the most suitable option.

Balance Board product selection in the MindTecStore

MindTecStore, the provider of innovative technologies on the subject of physical and mental health, focuses on high-quality and innovative products.
For this purpose, he offers a selection of products that work with linked training apps, motion sensors and physio remote support tools.