Fatigue slackness

What to do about tiredness, slackness and lack of energy

If you occasionally or more frequently suffer from fatigue, slackness and lack of energy, then this article is right for you. If you feel tired and flabby all the time, then you should learn to understand and understand important things about the body's sleep and rest periods.

With a disturbed sleep and lack of regeneration times of the organism, you will not only feel limp, be without desire and drive, you can also put your precious health on the line.

No chance for fatigue and slackness

Tell slackness to fight and get the sleep you deserve!
Both humans and animals are subject to the phenomenon of sleep as a resting and regeneration phase of the organism. This is clearly recognizable by different signs, which make themselves externally visible.

But also the inside of the body, as the vital functions, in the form of respiration and gas exchange, pulse and heart rate adjusts itself to the sleep.

This makes this resting phase scientifically measurable. The heart rate, and thus the pulse, as well as the respiratory rate decrease. This puts the organism on rest and relaxation sets.