Find the right meditation coach

Meditation coach - a current topic. Countless apps and training on meditation flood the app stores. Countless meditation coaches try to bring their offer to an audience.

We're taking a close look at the new trend - in a special comparison of five meditation assistants offering both an app and real-time feedback.

There is no need for special training or knowledge in meditation, and the prices of digital assistants are extremely modest compared to a real person.

Where does the technique of meditation come from?

The tradition has its roots in Indian culture, where the "Dravids" developed the first meditation methods thousands of years ago. Incidentally, the word meditation means to meditate or to think. It's a way to look inward and let the soul rest for a moment.

Meditation is not to focus on everyday thoughts, but to come to yourself and experience the perfection of the moment.

It paves the way to spiritual development and helps to throw away old ballast and open the mind for the moment. So not only is stress handled better, but also the personality unfolds much deeper.

Meditations are now used around the world as proven relaxation techniques. In principle, the target group is not exactly defined: whether young or old, everyone benefits from it equally.

What does a meditation coach do?

A mediation coach is a trainer who teaches techniques and exercises for mindfulness. He has extensive expertise in meditation and relaxation. He gives workshops and courses, for example, in schools, meditation centers, as well as gyms. Also as an additional offer to yoga meditation coaching takes place.

The meditation coach leads independent groups, guides them through the courses and provides advice to the people. With the help of sound, language, images and symbolism, he helps to gain a deeper insight into his own soul.

Through suggestions, the participant should find the way to his spiritual development and gain more composure.