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Exhaustion? You can do that!

Fatigue Syndrome and Exhaustion - What is it?

  • On your desk do the paper mountains pile up?
  • Alone the sight already causes a state of exhaustion?
  • Your windows would also have to be cleaned?
  • Even a long overdue meeting with friends you do not want to put off again?
  • Although you do not lack work, can not you get up to scratch?
  • You are constantly tired, feel drained and limp?
  • Going to bed early with the goal of tackling these tasks the next day?

But the next morning, the stress spiral continues. So the motivation is gone shortly after waking up. Instead of energetic, you feel again baseless and tired.

Everything is too much for you. Even the morning walk to the bathroom is a challenge. A typical example of a fatigue syndrome. What is behind this state of exhaustion? What to do?

What does the exhaustion state show you?

If you are completely exhausted after a hard day's work in the evening, this is perfectly normal. Even a strenuous working week can sometimes lead to a burden that has a short-term total exhaustion result.

Almost every person knows that. But after sufficient sleep and a relaxing weekend, these symptoms usually go by themselves. In contrast, persistent periods of fatigue usually indicate a more serious cause.

Therefore, you should not simply ignore these persistent states of exhaustion, but take them seriously.
What is the state of exhaustion when you are not acting?
You read this text and have already taken the first step in the right direction. Therefore, now come into action. Otherwise, it could develop into a chronic state of fatigue that can lead to depression or severe burnout in the worst case scenario.

If you feel tired and worn out all the time, you should first find out the reasons for your ongoing lethargy and listlessness. These can be very diverse.

The fatigue symptoms are also broad. They range from headaches and insomnia to tensions that primarily affect the neck.

Even nocturnal teeth grinding and digestive problems can indicate a serious exhaustion. Not infrequently, fatigue syndrome symptoms also manifest in irritability and difficulty concentrating.

What to do when exhausted?

If you have some or just one of these symptoms, please pay attention to them. These fatigue symptoms are all warning signs of your body. These should not be pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The saying "wait and drink tea" is the wrong way in this case. Even though rarely a serious illness, because harmless causes are behind the exhaustion, you should definitely act.

Persistent fatigue and fatigue not only significantly reduce your quality of life, but can quickly progress to a chronic state of fatigue, including severe depression.