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The Gadget and Games section features products that are equally entertaining, innovative and informative. That includes toys and other high-tech gadgets that open up completely new features for users.

For example, you can playfully train your ability to concentrate and relax with our successful headsets and apps (such as Focus Pocus, Zip and the Misty Mountain or Throw Trucks). Or fly a helicopter with the BrainWave Starter Kit and the Puzzlebox Orbit or simply control your holograms with the popular Star Wars Force Trainer II - just like a Jedi Knight. Our products are suitable for both adults and children of all ages and are based on the latest sensor technology.

All products in this category also make perfect gifts!

We can assist you to select the right product for you or your children. If you have questions about specific products, please contact our MindTecStore Customer Service Phone: +49 (0) 6403-60993-51
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