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Heart Flutter - a serious illness that is often taken lightly!

"Fluttering" refers on the one hand a feeling in stressful situations or falling in love, on the other hand serious illnesses such. B. Arrhythmia (cardiac arrhythmia).

This is understood to mean an irregular heartbeat.

Every time it comes to "feelings" or that a physical condition can not be accurately described, those affected are struggling to be taken seriously.

How serious is it really with heart flutter?

This is really a "stupid" question, but strangely enough, it is often and happily posed as soon as those concerned express their feelings.

Anxiety, anxiety, panic attacks are no coincidence!

Especially in women heart problems (heart flutter) often express completely different than in men. It is also quite understandable and understandable.

After all, women need to be multitasking by nature (household, husband, children, work). Their bodies are designed to withstand the birth process - and that is "physical hard work and constant stress" - to withstand stress better than men ,
Men tend to ignore alarms. That's not good for your health either.

A healthy mediocrity would be ideal. But even in today's fast paced world, that's hard to do. Nevertheless, feelings emanating from physical "sensitivities" should always be taken seriously.

Even if no illness in the sense of the word is behind it, there is at least one problem in the private or business area.

Problems also need to be clarified, because sooner or later they will affect your health as well. At the same time, the term "heart flutter" is also synonymous with "atrial flutter" or "atrial fibrillation."

It can therefore be quite a serious disease of the heart! As a result, it can very easily come to a cardiovascular failure with cardiac and respiratory arrest very quickly.

How is the heart fluttering?

In case of stress or excitement, the body releases the hormone "epinephrine" via the sympathetic nervous system (vegetative nervous system).

Adrenaline releases free fatty acids and glucose from the muscles, liver and adipose tissue. This raises the blood pressure.

It comes to muscle tension and heavy sweating. This is normal when a person gets upset and then stops as soon as a rest phase occurs.

Men are more likely to get upset. They usually have a harder time letting go, taking breaks or listening to alarms.

It's not easy for women either. For everyone, work and the family are important because both are part of human life (everyday life). Nevertheless, it is also necessary to take breaks.

Water courses are a good example. No river in the world consists only of rapids or waterfalls. After a period of powerful flow, a phase of slow flow follows.

Serious matters only when there is no relaxation or rest. Thus, a one-off fluttering of the heart becomes a permanent state and the body then no longer cope with it.