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With this help, constant tiredness has no chance!

Possible causes and causes of constant fatigue

The constant tiredness remains. Just going to bed earlier to get more sleep is not the solution for you? Relief. Constant fatigue does not necessarily mean that there is a disease.

If such a diagnosis is ruled out by a doctor, then the possibilities are manifold to put an end to the constant tiredness.

Constant fatigue can have various causes that are often unaware.

Nourishment for a waking mind

The right nutrition plays a big role. This should be healthy and balanced. Too many carbohydrates make you tired, while vegetables and fruits provide your body with the energy it needs to fight fatigue.

A healthy and balanced diet promotes concentration. If the brain is supplied with the right amount of nutrients, it can work optimally and thus counteract fatigue.

Sleep, freedom from stress and oxygen against constant tiredness

Sufficient sleep is the most natural remedy for constant fatigue. Those who only sleep for a short time are characterized by a great tiredness during the day, so the body should be able to regenerate enough at night.

Whenever possible, situations that lead to constant fatigue, such as stress or lack of sleep, can be avoided. The body needs oxygen to function smoothly.

Even the brain can not act properly with limited oxygen intake. If you snore, you might be suffering from this problem.

Medications and alternatives to eliminate constant fatigue

Drugs for fatigue and fatigue are one way to get the problem under control. Alternatives such as neuro or biofeedback, as well as a diet change and proven home remedies are also helpful in treating fatigue and fatigue and bringing the body back into harmony.

Physical symptoms of constant fatigue

Constantly under power, at work or in private life, then the body eventually calls for his rest periods. In extreme cases, this can lead to burnout.

Ongoing stress can lead to both mental and physical health problems and is one of the most common causes of constant fatigue.

Low blood pressure

Constant dizziness and fatigue or weakness may indicate too low a blood pressure. With frequent dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, or when the hands and feet are constantly cold, measuring blood pressure may be helpful.

The normal blood pressure values ​​are 120 to 80, if the systolic, ie the higher pressure is below 100, then that is too low. Lots of exercise, gentle exercise and circulation-promoting treatments, such as baths or showers, bring the circulation back to life.


The lack of fluid is not to be underestimated and can lead to weakness or tiredness. Especially at high temperatures, during hard work or intense sports is a short supply in the fluid balance of the case.

The perfect part: the body can already be slightly dehydrated before the thirst even reports. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to a sufficient fluid intake.

To prevent this condition, mineral water, isotonic drinks or diluted juice spritzers are best.

Help medication for constant fatigue?

When taking medicines regularly, it should be noted on the package leaflet whether fatigue may be a side effect. This can be the case with drugs for allergies, for example.

Also look for it in antihypertensive or migraine remedies as well as antidepressants and neuroleptics. Even strong painkillers can cause constant fatigue. In this case, the intake, in consultation with the doctor, if possible in the evening before going to bed.

But maybe also offers a drug for fatigue as an alternative. Before medications are discontinued or the dose undergoes a change, it should be discussed with a doctor.