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Defeat fear - the form of therapy that promises success.

Biofeedback will continue to provide you with information on how breathing, heartbeat, and sweat gland activity can help you identify the state of your body and your entire system.

This makes it possible for you to influence the physical relaxation, tension and the current stress sensation.

Biofeedback allows not only the detection of brain activity by neurofeedback but also the stress measurement by the aforementioned physical feedback possibilities.

This allows different forms of therapy to defeat the fear. This allows you to gain awareness through a stress trainer and tackle stressful situations with exercises.

How does a treatment with Neurofeedback work?

In an intensive preliminary discussion with your therapist it is clarified how the path of this possible self-control can be made accessible. Clarification on the treatment route is thereby created for the patient as well as for the therapist through this preliminary talk. Maybe the patient wants to get rid of inner restlessness, anxiety or fear of loss of control or general anxiety. Electrodes that measure the brain waves and waves during treatment show exactly how and when the over- or under-regulation moves. With this neurofeedback, you can see and see your current state (for example, stressed, relaxed, attentive) and see for yourself how that state of consciousness changes as you rethink and rearrange your thought patterns. In a sense, you are learning to feel new. This reorganization is supported from the beginning of treatment with positive images. The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient. Because it depends on how the patient succeeds in finding a positive event in his life that enables him to influence the wave motion. It also depends on how quickly you integrate the transition from training into your everyday life. Because you should be able to master everyday life again.

Statements of the measurements provide information about ...

  • arousal
  • hibernation
  • The possibility of self-regulation through altered states of consciousness

Can you beat your fear with Neurofeedback treatments?

Yes, it is possible with a few applications to bring about changes in the brain to change your image and feelings of anxiety. You can defeat your anxiety by promoting the balance of certain brain activities.

With this proven form of therapy, you will be able to get to know yourself better, to know what balance your brain needs at any given moment to be balanced and stress-free.