Constantly tired and unmotivated?

Constantly tired and unmotivated - What to do?

Constantly tired and impotent, no energy and no desire? Then a lack of sleep may be the cause. Lack of drive and energy makes you feel tired and impotent all the time. Often associated with an increased need for sleep, which in turn may have various causes.

In many cases, the lack of energy is due to insufficient sleep or long-term sleep deprivation. Fatigue, lethargy, listlessness and similar symptoms may also indicate a condition. But also a wrong diet, stress and problems are triggers for it.

What if that does not help?

Normally enough sleep and rest as well as a healthy and balanced diet, exercise and fresh air help to regain the usual performance. If this fails or the condition worsens, the doctor should undergo a more detailed diagnosis.

Also, an appointment with a nutritionist can be helpful. If the cause is actually a sleep disorder, then it can also be the so-called daytime sleepiness.

However, adequate sleep can no longer effectively reduce everyday stress symptoms and it is essential to consider medical advice.

You should also do this to be sure that there are no other illnesses.

Why am I constantly tired and impotent?

Being tired is normal and humane. When the body has rested and recovered, it is usually no longer noticeable. But constant fatigue and listlessness are to investigate more thoroughly and to determine the background, because it can have a health-damaging effect over time.

The cause of fatigue is mostly known, namely, lack of sleep, either intentional or unintentional. But even a restless sleep can make you tired and impotent all the time.

But why does one still feel tired and driveless during normal sleep?
Other reasons for tiredness and listlessness

Also too luscious or too few meals, too little liquid as well as too little fresh air can lead to this condition.

Rest breaks are very important, because long and intensive work or too much sport can also make you tired and impotent all the time.

Also, an emerging infection can cause fatigue, because the body defends itself against the pathogens by mobilizing defenses and thus forms a kind of protective mechanism.

Sometimes tiredness is also pleasant, for example after a sport or a long walk in a beautiful environment.