Fear and Panic

Anxiety attacks and associated anxiety symptoms, such as dizziness, come out of the blue, often at night. The heart is racing, the chest is getting tight. Fear of death. Why? There is often no tangible trigger. You are not really in danger. An anxiety attack seems to be a malfunction of your body. But you can learn to recognize this false reaction as such and even treat yourself. In any case, you should act if anxiety attacks persist.

Guides often simply say, "Take the scare away from axiety attacks at night and during the day, and the attacks will disappear." However, this general advice is not always valid, for example, if the attack results from depression or other serious illness affecting the organs.

Persons having panic attacks no longer trust their own body. As soon as the heart beats a little faster, you are already afraid of another anxiety attack. There is often even a reason for the increase in heart rate. For example, if you have just climbed a flight of stairs or had a coffee too much - the heart will beat faster! You can learn to regain confidence in your body and brain and return to a healthy state.

Meditation helps. You can also measure your body activity and your own behavior. Experience consciously the completely normal reactions of your body: If you are agitated or in motion, the breath goes faster. If you are relaxed, your heart and your breath rate calm down. Soon you can count on your body to react normally anytime, anywhere.

Measure your heart rate quickly and easily with our professional equipment, e.g. from Maisense. Bring your anxiety down to a rational level and stay in touch with your doctor. Some clients have already experienced an improvement in their anxiety conditions.