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ECG heart - a topic that can affect everyone!

ECG heart affects us all! In our modern fast-paced world, the heart becomes more stressed and pressurized. So it comes more often, even in young people and children, heart problems.

A heart ECG is the most common method of examination to get to the bottom of heart piercing, heart rhythm disorders. A modern type of successful treatment is the neuro or biofeedback method.

What is meant by an ECG heart?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) records all electrical activity of cardiac muscle fibers. The electrocardiograph creates heart tension curves (ECG), which are often referred to as heart stress.

The most common form is the 6-channel ECG heart. In this case, the patient electrodes are glued to the skin, which absorb the electrical impulses and forward.

What statements can be made with a cardiac ECG?

Through the recurring image of the electrical cardiac activities, statements about the regularity, the time course, ups and downs of the recording curves, etc. can be made.

In addition, the heart EKG thereby also provides information about the condition and the position of the heart.

The heart rhythm and the heart rate are important statements. The heart does not always beat evenly. This depends on the time of day, but also on the respective activity of the patient as well as the state of mind. That's why there are different types of ECG hearts.

Which forms of ECG are available to the doctor?

First, a distinction is made between the rest, the stress and long-term ECG heart.
What is meant by a resting ECG?

The cardiological diagnosis means electrocardiography at rest. The patient lies immovably on a couch during the examination. The examination takes only a few minutes, is risk-free and painless.

When will this investigation be carried out?

It is considered one of the routine screening examinations, framework examinations, eg. B. for OP release. In existing heart disease, the ECG heart is used for follow-up.
Which diseases can be diagnosed?

  • Heart rhythm disorders (slow heartbeat, heart stumbling, atrial fibrillation, etc.)
  • coronary heart desease
  • Pericarditis
  • Thickening of the heart wall
  • Heart attack
  • Myocarditis