No chance for psychovegetative exhaustion

What does psychovegetative fatigue mean?

"Burnout Syndrome", "Psychovegetative Exhaustion" are now almost everyday vocabulary - and that is not to be understood positively! There was and is always stress. It's just how you handle it.

Earlier, "in the good old days" was the stress management in the "After work Beer" or in the evening gossip with the neighbors on the bench in front of the house. This is just gone nowadays.

Both an excessive amount of physical and mental work, as well as many or serious problems cause the so-called "negative stress".
The consequences are dramatic

Fatigue, depressed mood, reactive depression are usually the result. Mental problems, such as The psycho-vegetative fatigue, for example, is increasing in our modern society. Physical complaints are often the result.

"Psychovegetative exhaustion" manifests itself mainly through: Joint and muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes and Sleep disorders.

The recovery of sleep does not help alone. Since, in particular, joint and muscle pains and swollen lymph nodes are often symptoms of other illnesses as well, clarification by the doctor is first necessary (blood tests, etc.). After that it's up to you how to handle it.

What is psychovegetative fatigue?

Behind this collective term and their synonymously used terms such as burn-out (syndrome), reactive depression, permanent depressive mood, exhaustion depression and more, are mainly the above symptoms.

But what exactly does psychovegetative fatigue mean? It is about the diagnosis of a permanently low-energy state, which can not be obtained without a change in the psycho-vegetative system. This is done by changing the lifestyle, including preventive measures, mental hygiene and therapies with and without medication.
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What to do in case of psychovegetative fatigue?

First, it is important to combat the symptoms of the state of psycho-vegetative fatigue and reduce stress. The immune system is probably weakened. This must therefore be "repaired". Help against the stress: relaxing massages, Sports, Relaxation exercises as well pleasant music.

In sports it depends very much on your complaints. For muscle and joint pain, swimming is best. This relieves the muscles and joints. Healthy nutrition strengthens the immune system and calms the nerves.

You can do the program with your doctor, go to a clinic - there are many good offers. Many people are shy about talking to someone about the problem of "psycho-vegetative fatigue". Do you accept the challenge. 2019