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Without energy? Recharge your batteries now!

Energyless, but not hopeless

Many people today feel as chronically tired as they are without energy. Why? The lack of energy is almost one of the common diseases. Today's life is surrounded by hustle and bustle, and it can also affect your health.

It pays off to think about exciting and previously unknown solutions.

Constant energy-free, tired and impotent?

There is a lot to hide behind, for example little or long-term withdrawal from sleep, too little exercise and a wrong diet, but it can also be a sign of illness.

Other options must also be considered and clarified. But that does not mean that drugs must be used. Chronic fatigue is a result of too much stress, a bad diet, too little exercise or stressful (everyday) problems.

Usually, it helps to get enough sleep and the right amount of rest and healthy eating, enough exercise and fresh air to regain more energy and performance.

If all this does not bring the desired effect or the fatigue even increases, then this is medically and / or clarify with a nutritionist.

Less energy-free with sleep and rest breaks

What to do? If the cause of the lack of energy really comes from tiredness, then it may be a daytime sleepiness, because despite sufficient sleep, the symptoms are not really reduced.

The performance is thus permanently impaired and limits everyday life immensely. If there are other symptoms, then an optimum solution is to be sought.

Feeling energetic as a result of tiredness is normal and humane. The body wants to rest and recharge its batteries. But acute fatigue and feeling constantly energyless are to be analyzed more precisely, because with the time this can be harmful to health.

The reason for tiredness is usually known, namely too little or restless sleep. This can be the case, consciously or unconsciously. Causes can be too few breaks in everyday life or sports overactivity. Failure to do so will result in acute fatigue and as a result the body will be de-energized.

Why is one without energy?

Temporary reasons

In an impending infection, you can be tired and thus energyless, because the body defends against the pathogens and develops defenses.

Through the formation of a protective mechanism and thus an "additional effort" for the body is no longer enough energy available for everyday life. The condition may still be present after a healed illness.

In some situations, the tiredness is even pleasant, for example after a long hike or after successful completion of work.

If, after a rest and enough sleep, you still feel energyless, not fit and alert, then the body can no longer handle a problem on its own and it is time to act and think about solutions.

Constantly energetic - what helps?

To feel constantly energyless, tired and powerless should be an alarm signal, because it signals the body that something is wrong.

If the tiredness lasts longer than usual and this also appears almost rash in everyday life, if, for example, the performance decreases and the recovery and sleep phases do not solve the inner heaviness, then urgent action is announced.

Maybe it's a fatigue syndrome. If fatigue and / or lack of energy is associated with marked sleep disturbances, it may also be due to overacidification of the stomach and making the sleep process difficult.